The 2014 Capacious Calendar


I created the Capacious Calendar as a tribute to my father Joseph Anthony Mattern, who kept a yearly ‘book sized’ leather calendar with him in his daily travels. As a child, I looked forward to January 1st, so that I could study what he had accomplished in the last year, as both an Artist and Industrial Designer Of Computers for Unisys. Because of him, Capacious has a lightweight portable design factor.

Several years ago, my mother shared in her frustration that she could not find a yearly calendar with blocks large enough to keep her busy social agenda. It was because of this need ‘Capacious’ was born.

In 2010, I entrusted Vivian’s Complete Printing to co-design Capacious. Vivian and I both use Capacious every day and we see the benefit and intelligence of Capacious’s unique design.

Calendar’s will be used daily until the end of time. As opposed to an electronic calendar, Capacious is lighter, larger and not prone to crash or virus.

In 2011, (65) very special people were chosen to evaluate Capacious. In return, they offered some great redesign suggestions.

In 2012, a re-designed Capacious Calendar was created to serve the Educational Market, hence its three ring binder redesign.

Capacious 2013 featured the Theme: ‘Lets Add A ‘Measure’ Of Color’.

This year, Capacious 2014 features the Theme ‘My Capacious Journal’.

If you have an interest in licensing the Capacious Calendar for your Educational Institution or Business, please email:

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