Article: P25 Encryption Is Not For Everyone (Click Here)

 Article Summary: Encryption was intended for high-security risks, not just day-to-day traffic.

C.A.R.E. Concerns About Radio Encryption (formerly: Citizens Against Radio Encryption) was envisioned by Mr. Gary Taylor of the Orlando Sentinel and was founded by Joe Mattern, WX4ADX, a radio scanning hobbyist, in 2010.

C.A.R.E. supporters represent: Radio Scanning Enthusiasts, Amateur Radio Operators, Community Watch Volunteers, Private Security Agencies and Members Of The News Media who firmly believe that Radio Encryption should only be used by Public Safety Agencies for “tactical purposes”.

The abuse of radio encryption by Public Safety Agencies creates the issue of Non-Transparency within Local Government.

Question: What possesses a law enforcement agency to utilize radio encryption on a routine radio channel? Note that I did not write “tactical channel”, i.e. SWAT or Surveillance. I am referring to routine dispatch transmissions that could ALERT the general public of impending danger, such as a natural disaster or a catastrophic weather event, such as a  hurricane, which is a common occurrence in Florida.

If you share my view of “Transparency Within Local Government” and believe that you should have the right to listen to your local Public Safety Radio System’s Routine Dispatch Channels, please LIKE C.A.R.E. on Facebook and share your viewpoints.


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