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I was born and raised in Horsham Township, Pennsylvania, just north of Philadelphia. I relocated to Orlando, Florida in 1991.

I was first licensed as a Technician Class Amateur Operator in 1999. In the Year 2000, I became a Tech Plus and finally mastered the CODE after several attempts, thanks to the help of Code Quick. I became a General Class Operator in November 2007, thanks to the help of Ham Test Online.

Being that I am Deed Restricted, I use and greatly enjoy an amazing program called HamSphere, to make HF contacts from all around the world. Imagine using a program that shows a virtual high-end HF radio on your desktop, which simulates HF band conditions. Imagine making an HF contact and immediately receiving an electronic QSL card from the person you just spoke to, in seconds, rather than months.  Last, imagine a place where everyone is kind and helpful…that’s the power of HamSphere.

Professionally, in addition to being a highly successful small business owner, I am a Gifted Christian Voice Over Artist. My Voice-Over studio microphones include a blend of ElectroVoice, Heil Sound and Rode Products. For equalization, I love the Heil Sound USBQ. To make VO projects comfortable, I use the BeyerDynamic DT-880 Audio Studio Headset.

When away from Amateur Radio, I love flying in the Sikorsky S-76D twin engine turbine helicopter and taking road trips in my Cadillac Escalade. I also enjoy listening to Public Safety Communications on my Uniden BCD436HP and BCD536HP Radio Scanners. In 1997, I founded the First Radio Scanning Hobbyist Group in the U.S. dedicated to Trunked Radio Scanning, called G.O.T.T.E.M.

My goal has always been and will always be ‘To Be A Voice’ for Amateur Radio, by bringing new people into the hobby and showing them the value of amateur radio both in electronics education and the availability of worldwide portable disaster communications.

If you are wondering about the meaning of my callsign, it means “Weather For A DX”, as I love when atmospheric conditions change, and DX comes alive.

Thanks For Visiting! I Look Forward To Our Next QSO!



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